image credit to Jomphong via

image credit: Jomphong via

When it comes to tech tools, this past year has been a year of discovery!  The following tools have helped me and my team get organized, manage workflow, assign tasks, and more.  I’m excited to share with you my top picks for the new year!

Bulb — Bulb is a new player in the app scene!  It’s a beautiful and fun space where individuals and groups can share their knowledge with the world.  Users can publish collections of their work – anything from videos to writing to art projects – and can peruse the collections of other Bulb users.  Bulb is currently still in beta, but I think it will become a great space for creating connections through the free exchange of knowledge!

AroundMe — Having this app is like having a local guide with you no matter what city you’re in!  As someone who travels frequently with a lot packed into the time on the road, AroundMe is invaluable when I need to locate a place to eat, an ATM, a gas station – anything!  It’s so simple to use and helps me quickly get from point A to point B.  AroundMe could even be useful for discovering a hidden gem in your own town!

Snippet — Snippet is an inventive new way to create, disseminate, and take in content.  Writers use the app to share their work in bite-size pieces (no limit to the number of chapters you can create, but each chapter is limited to 1000 characters), to make it more easily digestible for today’s busy readers.  Media and social tools can also be integrated into the writing to add vibrancy and connection to the work. Readers will find that Snippets (from $.99 to $4.99) are sleek, pleasing, quick ways to ingest great writing on a daily basis.

Evernote — I’ve found Evernote to be one of the best and simplest organizational tools.  Evernote lets you create notebooks within which you can store notes, which act as folders, chapters, or whatever subdividers you require.  Notebooks can be kept private or shared with others for collaboration.  Whether you seek to compartmentalize information or need a digital space for your writing projects, Evernote could be the thing for you!  I’m currently using it to organize information for my website redesign, keep a list of potential new tools for my team, and collect recipes, among other things!

Google Queues — After searching and searching for a basic, no-nonsense task management app, I finally came across Google Queues, or GQueues.  With this tool, you can create tiered lists of tasks which can be filed within customizable categories.  Then, through integration with your Gmail and Google calendar, you can easily assign tasks to team members and label each with a due date.  GQs has been essential for keeping me and my team on schedule with our time-sensitive tasks and I know we’ll be happy to have it in the busy year to come!

Smore — Smore filled a huge need for my team as we searched for a way to send out information in response to requests.  We needed a way to consolidate links, information, and photos related to Choose2Matter, for example, in a digestible and visually-pleasing manner.  Smore lets us do just that!  It’s a totally free, fun, and easy way to create lovely digital flyers that can be customized with different colors, fonts, and backgrounds, depending on your information and/or audience.  These flyers can be shared through social media, distributed as an email, or simply linked to on a website.

I hope you find these goodies helpful through the year ahead! Which tech tools are you pumped about?