Good morning world changers! Mother nature decided we would not meet face-to-face today, but it is Game On! We will be choosing to matter all day long, by sharing our passions and genius with each other on Twitter and other social media outlets.

Further, now we’re not limited to East Greenwich HS – snowed-in schools from around the country, and plenty of adults, will be participating as well! This is going to be so much bigger than the day we had planned.

Here is a scheduled of suggested activities. Of course, with #Choose2Matter, the only rule is BE BRAVE, so feel absolutely free to participate in any way you see fit!

1. Participate in a Twitter chat at 11 a.m. titled “How Big is Your Brave?” Use hashtag #C2M_EGHS

Suggested reading:

How Big is Your Brave?

The Only Rule in My Kindergarten Class: Be Brave

2. Starting at 12 noon, students are invited to create a Vine on what students can do today to stay engaged with #C2M_EGHS and tweet it out with the hashtag.

3. Watch “Write Your Story, Change History,” create a response to it (writing, photo, video) and, starting at 1:30, share it via Twitter, using #C2M_EGHS (@findingDulcinea)

4. #Choose2Matter in 140: (@MarkBabbit)

An activity called “#YouMatterin140“. Starting at 3:00 pm, reach out to a mentor or someone who has made a difference in your lives and tell them, in 140 characters or less, how they had an influence in your life. If you want to write more, create a longer post somewhere and Tweet a link to it. Use #C2M_EGHS

5. Starting at 5 pm, students to send out Tweets asking their teachers, parents and others adults to support them and participate alongside them as they pursue their audacious goals for changing the world. This is a chance to leverage youthful exuberance and optimism to renew the same in adults. @KnowledgeBishop)

6.  24 Hours of Community Challenge (@Joli_Barker)

What’s your passion, and what drives it? What’s your heartbreak? How will you use your genius to change the world? Any time in the next 24 hours, write something, post a photo or a Vine or a longer video. Use #C2M_EGHS

Further Reading and Viewing:

People Know They Matter When – Wonderful Ways to Let People Know They Matter to You

You Matter” – the TedxDesMoines talk that begin the Choose2Matter movement. Note: the video freezes several times but the audio continues uninterrupted.

Whispering to the World” – Angela Maiers at Business Innovation Factory Summit #9, with student leaders.