Download my free, new e-book: Passion Matters!


Having authored seven books printed in the traditional way, I’ve decided it’s time for me to explore the brave new world of e-publishing.

I have created a lot of evergreen content over the course of my career and am excited to find new ways to freshen it up and share it with you again.

I’ve curated some of my best content about passion, and why it matters, in a new e-book titled, appropriately, “Passion Matters.”

It’s available for a free download by signing up below:

When you access the book, we’ll invite you to join my new email newsletter. Readers have asked me often to create a newsletter, and now that I’m writing regularly on several websites, the newsletter, which we plan to send once a week, will be a convenient way to access the content I’ve published that week.

I’ll also be sharing content from my archives, on teaching literacy, professional development, and of course Classroom Habitudes.

Please also connect with me on these other platforms.

I look forward to expanding our conversation!


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  • Lien Desmet

    Hello Angela, ik just subscribed to your newsletter but wasn’t able to get the free ebook as promised above… Did I do something wrong? Can you get me the necessary instructions? Thx!!

  • Donna

    I, too, have subscribed and could not find the download link. Thank you! I look forward to the information.

  • leadlearner

    Hi Angela, like Lien & Donna; I have also subscribed but am unable to loca

    te the link to download your e-book. Can you post the link please. Thanks

  • khadija

    Dear Angela,
    I also did subscribe but coudn’t get to download your ebook. Thank you.

  • Jane Raissle

    Me, too, Angela. What did I do wrong?

  • Forma Innova

    same here!! Should we wait for another email from mailchimp?

  • AngelaMaiers

    Hi everyone and thanks for signing up!! Once you sign up, you should receive an email asking you to confirm your email address by clicking a blue button in the message. About an hour after you confirm your email, you’ll receive another message containing the link for downloading the e-book. Thanks for your patience in the process!! :)

  • AngelaMaiers

    Thanks for signing up – just posted the process above! :)

  • AngelaMaiers

    Thanks for signing up – posted the process above! :)

  • AngelaMaiers

    Thanks for signing up! Please see process above. :)

  • AngelaMaiers

    Thanks for signing up! The process is now posted above. :)

  • AngelaMaiers

    Thanks for signing up & for your patience! I just posted the process above. :)

  • AngelaMaiers

    Thanks for signing up! I just posted the process above. :)

  • Donna

    Success! Thank you!

  • Jane Raissle

    Got it! Thanks so much, Angela.

  • Lien Desmet

    Great, thx Angela! The proces went perfect :-)

  • Lynne Wade

    Have the same problem as everyone else.

  • Erika

    Never received the message with the blue button, so attempted to sign up again and was told I was already signed up and couldn’t try again. Since I’m unable to confirm my email from the blue button, I also apparently can’t get the email with the link to the book.

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