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A simple yet powerful way to let students know they matter is by using what I call the 2-5-2 method on a daily basis:

  • Ask all teachers to greet each student by name as they enter the class, and then make a positive remark about several students in the first two minutes of class.
  • Commend at least five students in each class period for their contributions to the discussion.
  • Finally, reserve two minutes at the end of each class to reflect on what everyone learned that day.

As the inspiring late educator Rita Pierson said, “kids don’t learn from people they don’t like.”

Value your students. Demand they be the best they can be.

Show them that you are willing to be a champion for them.

You can read more about the ideas behind the 2-5-2 method in “Secure Their Hearts or You Don’t Have a Shot at Their Brains,” my column in the Huffington Post.