Curiosity Manifesto

I recently had the pleasure of discussing the Habitude of curiosity, and its impact on education, with the wonderful Doug Rice.  Doug is an engaging writer and researcher who also records a podcast that explores learning and discovery across an array of disciplines.  You can listen to our conversation here.

Doug also recently published The Curiosity Manifesto, an inspiring book about having the willingness to explore avenues and ideas that may make us uncomfortable but, in the end, will make us better.

Doug pulls from a great amount of psychological research to show how we all tend to close our minds to learning. He then provides some tips on how we can break through those mind blocks and open ourselves up to everything the world has to teach us.

Doug’s book fully embodies the essence of the Habitude of curiosity!

Rather than just accepting that some things are uninteresting, Doug pushes us to be proactive in taking an interest in new things. He prompts us to ask questions of the world around us instead of simply accepting things as they are. He begs us to embrace learning as a way of life.

Perhaps the best part of the book is the passion with which Doug writes. It practically bleeds through the page! You can see, as he tells each story and asks each question, that he desperately longs for his readers to become more passionate about learning.  And that’s something I can get behind!