Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking with 250 teachers, leaders, and fellow community members passionate about changing the culture of learning and work.

Although I could not see their faces, I could FEEL their passion and enthusiasm.

The tweets were so inspirational, I captured them in the following Storify.

Click here to watch the archived webinar.

Thank you, Atomic Learning, for making this possible and for all you are doing to help me spread this message!

Click here to get more information on the “Angela Maiers Bundle,” which I described in detail in this post; it includes courses on digital literacy/online research skills, parent engagement, and many of my top keynote topics.

See the Storify below, or click here to see it on the Web.

Culture isn’t just a “feel good” part of our classrooms and schools. Being thoughtful about creating and sustaining an effective learning and work culture is foundational to unlocking a the power and potential of the people you live to serve.