What Went Right Today? Let’s Write Our Own Narrative. #BreaktheCode


In many schools, the core conversation practically defaults to “What went wrong today?”

When any of the many things that can go wrong does go wrong, it’s all that everyone in the school community wants to talk about. This is why our system is so risk averse.

Where has this gotten us? Sure, we hear about sports championships, or award-winning artists or musicians, or students who get into competitive colleges, but most of the news flow is negative. Part of this is due to a news media and a public that likes to feel outrage. But the main reason for the negative bent of many stories about education is the reticence of educators to crow about all the good that is happening in schools.

This must stop, right here, right now.

It is time for us to shout from the rooftop the brilliant work our fellow educators are doing. It is not in the nature of most educators to boast about themselves – but we can boast about our colleagues. So I want you to ask yourself at the end of each and every day in the school calendar: “What Went Right Today?” When you find the answer, share it with everyone who will listen.

The Bammy Awards was launched in 2012 to counteract the relentless negative press about the US education system. It celebrates all that is good about educators, by giving awards to educators in dozens of categories, from administrators to teachers to staff to parents and students.

It wants to shine an even  wider spotlight on all that is good in our schools today, and it has published the above video to encourage nominations for The 2015 Bammy Awards. Anyone can nominate any member of our education community. There isn’t one among us who can’t think of a single member of the education community who has made a profound difference in our lives.

Nominate that person for a Bammy Award – today.


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