Choose2Matter LIVE Comes to Estherville, Iowa – Please Follow Along!

Tomorrow, Choose2Matter LIVE visits Estherville, Iowa. We are spending the day with all 1,400 students in the entire district! It will be unpredictable, nerve-wracking, chaotically beautiful, and utterly, gloriously life-changing for everyone present.

Pictures, videos and other content will be shared by participants on Twitter and other social media channels using the hashtags #Choose2Matter #ELCCSD  PLEASE TWEET A MESSAGE OF INSPIRATION TO THE STUDENTS NOW!

Updates about the Choose2Matter LIVE experience will be posted regularly to the ELC Facebook page at throughout the event.

A year ago, we conducted our first Choose2Matter event, with a class of 350 sophomores at Dowingtown STEM Academy. Since then, we’ve visited Bettendorf (IA) Middle School; Gibson Elementary in Palmdale, CA; Hutto ISD in Texas; and East Greenwich High School in Rhode Island. Students at each of these schools have been pursuing world-changing initiatives ever since.

We begin these events by asking students a simple question: “What matters most to you, and why?”

Unlike most questions that students around the world are asked, this one has no “right” or easy answer.

The process of answering this question is the first step in unlocking the unique genius in each student, by focusing them on their values and purpose, and fostering self-awareness.

Students have learned that each of them has a unique genius to contribute to the world, teachers have remembered why they chose education as a profession, and everyone who has witnessed one of these experiences has been utterly transformed.

The Choose2Matter team is led by Angela Maiers, a nationally renowned speaker and veteran educator; Mark Moran, a corporate lawyer and online research expert; and Ginny Washburne, an education technology expert and veteran educator.

Also expected to attend are local business leaders, elected leaders, and members of the Iowa education community.

A lineup of special guests will appear via videoconference, including General John Michel, the Commanding General of the NATO Air Training Command in Kabul, Afghanistan, who will discuss courage and bravery with the students.

The Choose2Matter team and guests will work with ELC students, staff and community members on the concept behind Choose2Matter when someone believes that they matter and that their actions have an impact on the world, they approach their life and work with renewed passion.

ELC students and staff will begin work on their call to action, develop an action plan, collaborate with experts, and begin to implement their plans. The goal is to create an authentic, social entrepreneurship learning experience for students, in which they learn skills that are relevant to the modern world, a world that belongs to our students.

ELC Superintendent Tara Paul said, “ELC is embedded in a community that prides itself as a great place to Live, Work, and Play. As an integral part of the community, we want to put action to those words, and make Estherville proud of its students as they display their genius. Choose2Matter will change the hearts and minds of many.”

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