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Remind Introduces Chat Feature

My passion for groundbreaking technologies in classrooms is constantly fueled by new innovations I see teachers using. Most often, the technology that has the greatest impact is the kind that makes you think, “Well, duh. Why didn’t I think of that?” That’s exactly how I felt looking at a new feature from Remind. If you… Continue Reading

Reflection on #Choose2Matter: Each Student is a Masterpiece

Two weeks ago we took Choose2Matter LIVE to the Estherville Lincoln Central School District in northwest Iowa. It was an incredible two days in a very special place, with remarkable, brave leaders and students who astounded me in so many ways. Here is a reflection on the two days from Technology Integration Specialist Jenny Nichtals, who… Continue Reading

Resources for #NETA14 Presentations By Angela Maiers

This week I will present two sessions at the 2014 Nebraska Educational Technology Association Annual Conference (hashtag #NETA14). My morning keynote is titled, “Liberating Genius.” Liberating Genius is an over-arching term for our Choose2Matter movement and related work that we are doing and planning. Students aren’t the only ones who need to matter; so do teachers,… Continue Reading

Download my free, new e-book: Passion Matters!

  Having authored seven books printed in the traditional way, I’ve decided it’s time for me to explore the brave new world of e-publishing. I have created a lot of evergreen content over the course of my career and am excited to find new ways to freshen it up and share it with you again…. Continue Reading

Jumping into Genius Hour — Guest Post by Tony Klein

In the midst of this frigid winter, my heart was warmed during a visit to Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District in northern Iowa.  The teachers and administrators there are extremely passionate and are ready for change in the classroom.  With the support of his colleagues, history teacher Tony Klein boldly made the leap to… Continue Reading

Hutto Geniuses Choose to Matter

What happens when students are encouraged to become leaders and change the world with their genius? They do it. On January 21st, I asked 6,000 students in Hutto, Texas to realize that they are geniuses whose contributions to the world are desperately needed.  With this spark igniting their hearts and minds, the students of Hutto… Continue Reading

Empowering Students through Heartbreak — Guest Post by Silvia Zanatta

Seventh grade teacher Silvia Zanatta recently shared with me the ways in which she and her students are engaging in the You Matter movement.  Through heartbreak mapping, memoir writing, and even slam poetry, Ms. Zanatta helps her students feel empowered to channel their genius and share it with the world.  Ms. Zanatta is definitely a… Continue Reading

Passion-Driven or Project-Driven: There is a Difference

This morning, I had the pleasure of joining, via Google Hangout, the Amplify team at FETC, where lots of passionate teachers and leaders are wondering how to bring passion into their classrooms and schools.  We started the conversation with a clear definition and distinction of how passion-driven learning is different from project-based learning. Take a… Continue Reading

Liberating the Genius of 6,000 Students in a Single Day, at Hutto ISD

Just six months ago, we conducted our first Choose2Matter event, with a class of 350 sophomores at Dowingtown STEM Academy. The results were brilliant. In September, we conducted another event with 200 8th graders at Bettendorf Middle School, and those students have been pursuing world-changing initiatives ever since. So last month, we stepped up our… Continue Reading

Here’s to a Genius-Filled 2014! Resources for Teaching and Learning

It can be a real struggle to keep students enthusiastic about learning, especially once the holiday break ends and the second half of the school year begins.  This very challenge makes January a great time to introduce new methods for engaging students and getting them excited to be in your classroom.  I’ve compiled some resources in this… Continue Reading

Coming Soon! — A Must-Read for Digital Leaders

As you surely know, I am deeply passionate about literacy and leadership in this digital age. Thus, I am so excited to announce the forthcoming publication of a new book by my dear friend, Eric Sheninger. I’ve known Eric for many years and I never miss an opportunity to learn from him. Eric is a… Continue Reading

Change the World One Kind Word At a Time! — Shannon Denton Guest Post

The following is the inspiring debut post by new blogger Shannon Denton.  Please stay tuned to her blog, Denton’s Digest, to keep up with Shannon and her fifth grade class! ***** Last year, after Sandy Hook I knew I had to do something in my own classroom for my students to see that there is… Continue Reading

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