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Make Room On Your Bookshelf!…

I recently had the pleasure of discussing the Habitude of curiosity, and its impact on education, with the wonderful Doug Rice.  Doug is an engaging writer and researcher who also records a podcast that explores learning and discovery across an array of disciplines.  You can listen to our conversation here. Doug also recently published The… Continue Reading

Persevere for Learning Power!

Years ago there was a man who was a writer.  He worked hard to make ends meet, he didn’t have much, and he lived in his car.  But this man believed in the stories he had to share.  He contacted publisher after publisher to see if they would publish his first children’s book.  Twenty-three publishers… Continue Reading

Self-Awareness: What Makes You…YOU?

As lifelong learners, our growth should never cease – least of all our growth in knowledge about ourselves.  Without fully knowing ourselves, self-acceptance and change are all the more difficult. Self-awareness provides us with a system of checks and balances that equips us to understand ourselves and to make conscious choices and deliberate decisions about… Continue Reading

Empowering Students through Heartbreak — Guest Post by Silvia Zanatta

Seventh grade teacher Silvia Zanatta recently shared with me the ways in which she and her students are engaging in the You Matter movement.  Through heartbreak mapping, memoir writing, and even slam poetry, Ms. Zanatta helps her students feel empowered to channel their genius and share it with the world.  Ms. Zanatta is definitely a… Continue Reading

A Daily Dose of Habitudes

As I wrote last May, Classroom Habitudes, published in 2008, is more popular now than ever, with book studies popping up every week and entire districts and even states full of teachers reading the book. To celebrate, we’ll be announcing an online course about the Habitudes next month, and we’ve launched this Facebook page that… Continue Reading

Here’s to a Genius-Filled 2014! Resources for Teaching and Learning

It can be a real struggle to keep students enthusiastic about learning, especially once the holiday break ends and the second half of the school year begins.  This very challenge makes January a great time to introduce new methods for engaging students and getting them excited to be in your classroom.  I’ve compiled some resources in this… Continue Reading

Heartbreak Mapping in Action

Today’s inspiring guest post is from Joy Kirr, a 7th grade literature and language arts teacher in Arlington Heights, Illinois. During Genius Hour, she engaged her students in mapping the things that break their hearts and the actions they can take to resolve these issues.  Please read on to see how Mrs. Kirr guided her… Continue Reading

What Does It Mean to Be a Leader? Five-year Old Geniuses Respond

  Leadership is a topic about which a great deal has been written. But if you want a clear definition of what it means to be a leader, just ask a kindergartener!  I recently had the great privilege of spending two amazing days working with the collective genius of the students and teachers of Coppell… Continue Reading

Using Art to Teach the Habitudes

Wendy Bellagamba and Rachel Sepe, 4th grade teachers at Hough Street School in Barrington, IL, are “Teachers with Habitudes.” They have a passion for helping students become involved citizens who fully develop their genius. This guest post by Wendy and Rachel describe how the mural posted above came to be on her classroom wall. The inspiration for the mural… Continue Reading

May 2 Webinar: Classroom Habitudes – Teaching 21st Century Skills to Brains Wired in Digital Age

Most books have one shot at success. If they don’t have strong initial sales, typically they are relegated to obscurity forever. However, we published the Classroom Habitudes nearly five years ago, and it is getting more attention now than ever. Years ago, I was thrilled whenever a teacher told me her or she was reading… Continue Reading

Habitude: Imagination

  Photo Credit:Jônatas Cunha  “If we cannot see the possibility, we cannot achieve the outcome. Imagination is our mind’s eye and gives us the capacity to jump from present facts to future possibilities. Our capacity to dream, hope, and plan for the future is influenced and impacted by the control and understanding of imagination’s… Continue Reading

What good questions did you ask in school today?

This is a guest post by Jessica Parsons, a teacher with the Habitudes. “[People] love to wonder and that is the seed of science. “ – Ralph Waldo Emerson Ok, so I’m not trying to overdo it by using Emerson quotes each time I guest post, but they summarize the topic so perfectly!  My 7th… Continue Reading

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