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The Intersection Between Structure and Spontaneity

Serendipity is the name given to those “happy accidents” we experience throughout life – finding a person, idea, or resource we didn’t expect, but greatly needed.  These encounters enrich our lives with new experiences, connections, and insights. Using social media is a great way to find and increase serendipity in your life.  I have built… Continue Reading

5 Ways That You Can Be An Innovation Genius

Did you know great innovators formulate new ideas by making connections between observations, experiences, facts, history and feelings that on the surface do not seem related—but are—to uncover fresh, brilliant insights? You can do the same. A new book, RED THREAD THINKING: Weaving Together Connections for Brilliant Ideas and Profitable Innovation by Debra Kaye reveals… Continue Reading

If It Bugs You, It Is Probably Worth Innovating

If It Bugs You, It Is Probably Worth Innovating

Every so often we get stuck. It is easy to loose perspective when we meet an obstacle. The daily grind can put limitations on our ability to make the connections necessary to make a leap forward toward success. Instead of getting frustrated, bored or irritated you can use the skills you already obtain, and a… Continue Reading

The Smartest Person in the Room IS the Room – So Who’s on Your Invite List?

“We Are Smarter Together” is not simply a mantra for my blog, it is a manifesto of my life. Outward circumstances or conditions do not determine what our lives become nearly as much as the thoughts that dominate our minds and the people we surround ourselves with. I have an opportunity everyday to fill our proverbial… Continue Reading

Confronting the Brutal Facts of Reality

If you read my blog regularly, you’re probably a bit surprised by the subject header. But this was a rough week, with a mix of highs and lows. The low is easy to explain; I woke up on Wednesday with a hacking cough and an ominous feeling, which I wished away. By evening, things had… Continue Reading

Best and Blessed – Top Posts of 2012

As I look back on this fantastic year of conversations and learning, I feel so blessed to be in this conversation with you all. You have helped me grow as a learner, leader and human being. It is both insightful and inspiring to see the posts that most resonated with you and our community as… Continue Reading

Using the Habitude of Imagination as a Springboard for Writing

Suzanne Barton is a “Teacher with Habitudes.” Suzanne, a fifth grade Language Arts teacher at Woodward Academy, has a passion for helping her students become powerful 21st century communicators who are motivated to move beyond their own “small” worlds to touch the lives of others in a positive way. After reading Angela’s book Habitudes last… Continue Reading

“It’s Time for TED Passion

This is why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE TED talks and believe them to be one of the best sources on the web for learning, leadership, and personal development. Where else do you have access to the worlds most inspiring, informative, ingenious and innovative people talking about how they are going to do to change the world? John Boswell — has… Continue Reading

Who’s YOUR Biggest Fan?

Please take five minutes and watch this amazing audition of 34 year old, Christopher Maloney, for the 2012 X FactorUK singing competition. It will leave you smiling,crying and “singing” the praises of the people in your life that have given you the courage, strength and conviction to live your dreams. Enjoy!  … Continue Reading

Living Our Story Means Embracing Our Imperfections

I have talked may times about the importance and power of stories in our life and in our learning. To help take my learning deeper, I have discovered fantastic authors that postion story in an even bigger context. One of those story leaders is Stephen Denny (@note_to_cmo).   In this fantastic post, Why Do Brand Stories… Continue Reading

An Open Letter To School Leaders

For the past several weeks, I have been preparing a series of workshops for school and community leaders who are ready to embrace social media and explore the powerful ways new social technologies and platforms can be used in classrooms and schools. As I outlined, re-outlined and tweaked the schedule trying to craft the “perfect” day,  I… Continue Reading

12 Most Must-Have Habitudes for Social Media Success

12 Most Must-Have Habitudes for Social Media Success

There are still a large number of folks who believe that Social Media is about the tools you choose and the content you create. Champion Tweeters, Bloggers, and Network Leaders think differently. They spend their time on the social web and in their communities with a different behavior set, mindset and belief system. I call these… Continue Reading

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