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Jumping into Genius Hour — Guest Post by Tony Klein

In the midst of this frigid winter, my heart was warmed during a visit to Estherville Lincoln Central Community School District in northern Iowa.  The teachers and administrators there are extremely passionate and are ready for change in the classroom.  With the support of his colleagues, history teacher Tony Klein boldly made the leap to… Continue Reading

Empowering Students through Heartbreak — Guest Post by Silvia Zanatta

Seventh grade teacher Silvia Zanatta recently shared with me the ways in which she and her students are engaging in the You Matter movement.  Through heartbreak mapping, memoir writing, and even slam poetry, Ms. Zanatta helps her students feel empowered to channel their genius and share it with the world.  Ms. Zanatta is definitely a… Continue Reading

Passion-Driven or Project-Driven: There is a Difference

This morning, I had the pleasure of joining, via Google Hangout, the Amplify team at FETC, where lots of passionate teachers and leaders are wondering how to bring passion into their classrooms and schools.  We started the conversation with a clear definition and distinction of how passion-driven learning is different from project-based learning. Take a… Continue Reading

A Daily Dose of Classroom Habitudes

As I wrote last May, Classroom Habitudes, published in 2008, is more popular now than ever, with book studies popping up every week and entire districts and even states full of teachers reading the book. To celebrate, we’ll be announcing an online course about the Habitudes next month, and we’ve launched this Facebook page that… Continue Reading

The Immortality of Stories

This powerful guest post by English teacher Brian Denesha challenges us to deepen our students’ experience of learning by infusing lessons with emotion and storytelling.  In making this leap, we can take students’ experience of stories to the next level and create a more memorable and formative learning environment for them — something that will… Continue Reading

Heartbreak Mapping in Action

Today’s inspiring guest post is from Joy Kirr, a 7th grade literature and language arts teacher in Arlington Heights, Illinois. During Genius Hour, she engaged her students in mapping the things that break their hearts and the actions they can take to resolve these issues.  Please read on to see how Mrs. Kirr guided her… Continue Reading

A Get to Know You Activity With a Heartfelt Message

This is a guest post by Maggie Maslowski, English teacher at Joliet West High School, Illinois. Her class Twitter account is @jthsmaslowski and they use the hashtag #jthsmas ***             Every new school year, teachers introduce themselves, their rules, routines, and expectations to the students. Many encourage the students to say a little about themselves. … Continue Reading

Using Art to Teach the Classroom Habitudes

Wendy Bellagamba and Rachel Sepe, 4th grade teachers at Hough Street School in Barrington, IL, are “Teachers with Habitudes.” They have a passion for helping students become involved citizens who fully develop their genius. This guest post by Wendy and Rachel describe how the mural posted above came to be on her classroom wall. The inspiration for the mural… Continue Reading

The Courage to Teach

The heart of education is an education of the heart. The root of the word “courage” is the Latin word “cor,” meaning “heart.” The English word “core” comes from the same Latin root. So at its core, effective teaching is about developing courage. As the world changes at an ever-accelerating pace, leaving some of us… Continue Reading

Words Matter: Why a Top Agency Has No “Clients”

Regular readers of this blog know that, to me, words matter. I’ve long encouraged teachers to choose their words wisely, because the words we choose have a powerful effect on learning. Yesterday, I came across a stellar example of this principle in the workplace. 72andSunny is a communications company that was recently named  AdAge Agency… Continue Reading

Using the Habitude of Imagination as a Springboard for Writing

Suzanne Barton is a “Teacher with Habitudes.” Suzanne, a fifth grade Language Arts teacher at Woodward Academy, has a passion for helping her students become powerful 21st century communicators who are motivated to move beyond their own “small” worlds to touch the lives of others in a positive way. After reading Angela’s book Habitudes last… Continue Reading

When Someone is Absent, It Matters!

Anne Weidert is a “Teacher with Habitudes.” Anne Weidert is a third grade teacher at Woodward Academy’s Primary School. She teaches a self contained class of children who have special needs. She feels that the classroom habitudes empower her students to be more confident and passionate learners. She is excited to be a teacher of the… Continue Reading

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