Liberating Genius is not an inspirational or utopian hope for our students; nor is it a quick-fix program to building a better system.  It’s a movement designed to help leaders and learners  break free from the addiction of security and acceptance of mediocrity and rekindle the genius within.

We can no longer afford as individuals or as a nation to allow our best talents to remain buried beneath well-intentioned but lifeless rules of school.

Liberating Genius  is a framework and system that fuels innovation, creativity and ability to impact our learning and the world.

There is genius within; together let’s unleash it.



Digital literacy and global collaboration skills are needed for success in the 21st Century. This session offers bite-sized chunks that will allow you and your students to experience first hand the transformative power of technology and social media as it will grow you ability to:

  • Find Relevant Information
  • Manage Tasks and Information
  • Research effectively
  • Engage more deeply in projects

The day is divided into 4 themes or modules. We will explore two in the morning and two in the afternoon offering you the background, research and context for each of the lessons.  After each session, you will receive tips, strategies,and “assignments” you your students can take action on immediately.

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In the world of education, more specifically the world in which our students are growing up, technology is not only an option for learning and life; it is imperative to live that life to its fullest. It will be our responsibility as educators to help this generation make the “RIGHT” decisions about the technology they use, but use the technology in ways that are real, impactful, global; honoring passion and amplifying individual and collective talent.

The R.I.G.H.T framework seeks to capture the essential qualities of

knowledge required and perspective for effective technology integration into teaching and learning while addressing the social and connected nature of the changing landscape.

Angela will discuss how technologies (both analog and digital) need to be creatively repurposed by educators in order to develop and provide experiences essential for success in the new millennium. She will also offer examples of current research and practice as well as wider implications for education leaders, teacher professional development and policy.



Education driven by passion awakens us to new learning and a world bigger than ourselves. Passion makes us curious, compels us to dig deeper, and sustains us as we persevere  towards answers to questions that matter most.

In this presentation, we will explore how the principles and practices of a passion-driven work – disciplined study, fostered imagination, active participation and community contribution — can and will transform the teaching and learning process.

The following presentation and resources is a cumulation of discussions with educators and the global community.

I invite you to join me in this exciting conversation and discover the ways you can make passion a priority in your classroom or organization.



Keys for Lifelong Learning & Success
Creativity, Innovation, Problem Solving… buzz words no longer! To meet the complexities of today’s world, our students need more than skills — they need Habitudes! Successful students, workers, and citizens have identifiable habits and behaviors which allow them to manage emotions, communicate effectively, and sustain themselves as independent and successful lifelong learners. This session explores intentional lessons and conversations that nurture and develop these habits and attitudes; the Habitudes that ensure our students’ success far beyond our classrooms.



BREATHE… Build a Base for using the right tools Relationships and connections to improve our learning Extend your reach and communication with these tools and connections Always learning – keeping a learning mindset for new tools and how to use them Transparency in sharing knowledge Have a Plan – there must be a learning purpose to use these tools Embrace Change Learn which networks and practices will best serve to influence your learning and networking practice.

BREATHE is an acronym for creating, sustaining, and growing your personal learning networks (PLN). More importantly, BREATHE reminds us that social media is about people not tools. People breathe. Tools don’t!


This list of keynote topics is not all-inclusive. There are several more topics from which to choose and all can be and are customized to suit audience member and organizational goals. Copyright and Creative Commons Licensing applicable.