“I would like to think I provide more than a motivational speaker who inspires and motivates or a trainer who improves performance. I truly try to bring depth and breath with methods that truly influence and promote positive change. Most of all I work to sustain motivation and provide an ROI (Return on Intelligence).” Angela Maiers

Angela Maiers is a consistently energized and recognized worldwide speaker greatly impacting leadership through not only the education field, but the international business community as well.  Challenging educational philosophies and business ethics, Angela  strives to achieve total synergy and unstoppable energy by reconstructing the thought process of many dated ideologies.

A fresh breath of life to the business and education communities, every inspirational message Angela delivers is tailor made to fit each unique audience and their particular challenges.

With over 20 years as an educator and ten years on the speaking circuit, Angela has addressed thousands of people worldwide. It is really no wonder Angela is one of the most sought out and frequently requested Keynote Speakers in the world.

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The following Speaking Topics represent a small fraction of Angela’s most recent Keynote Speech Titles:



Web 3.0 presents an entirely new way of seeking and hearing meaning. As facts become obsolete faster and information continues to grow exponentially, literacy and basic technology skills are not enough. Web 3.0 demands a new fluency; a new understanding about how knowledge is reated, constructed, and shared. Together we will examine several emerging trends that will profoundly challenge our fundamental assumptions of what it means to be a learner, teacher, and citizen in the 21st Century.


BavsEver since Leonardo put pen to paper, visual note-taking has been a springboard to improve the quality of our thinking. Strengthen these mental muscles, and you’re on your way to becoming a visual superstar.

This session introduces you to the building blocks of visual language, and provide hands-on techniques and strategies to support deeper comprehension in a variety of settings.

ARE YOU INDISPENSABLE? (Do you want to be?)

BiIn a time where the future is uncertain, our roles are less defined, and change is the norm; indispensability becomes our job security and solidifies our relevance as individual and institutions! Together we explore delicately blended mixtures of qualities, and characteristics that make someone indispensable, and more importantly ensure that every student has the tools, tactics, and strategies to get them to the point where they are indispensable contributors and citizens in their world!


PdiWe may never know what the magnitude of our impact will be or how the passion we transmit may ripple out into the world. Over the years, I’ve heard many stories about how a few words or a simple act have changed a students life forever.We may not walk into our classrooms everyday thinking: “I’m going to change the world today!” Yet, that is exactly what we do. We DO make a difference. We Do.


Digital Literacy Cover Slide.001Today, literacy goes beyond the ability to read and write. Our students must be able to use web tools to find, analyze, organize, create, and share information. Teachers must know how to use web tools for their personal and professional development and how to implement selected tools to further learning in the classroom. This session will support students and teachers to work with digital texts and social mediums in order meet the changing nature of literate practices.


LiadaBREATHE… Bui ld a Base for the right tools. Utilize Relationships and connections to improve learning. Extend your reach and communication with these tools and connections. Always keep a learning mindset for new tools. Have Transparency in sharing the knowledge you obtain. Have a plan – there must be a learning purpose to use these tools. Embrace change and learn which networks and practices will best serve to influence your learning and networking practice. This acronym represents the key qualities that I believe every leader must have to be successful.

HABITUDES  OF A 21ST CENTURY LEARNER – Keys for Lifelong Learning & Success

H21clCreativity, Innovation, Problem Solving… buzz words no longer! To meet the complexities of today’s world, our students need more than skills — they need Habitudes! Successful students, workers, and citizens have identifiable habits and behaviors which allow them to manage emotions, communicate effectively, and sustain themselves as independent and successful lifelong learners. We’ll explore intentional lessons and conversations that nurture and develop these habits and attitudes; the Habitudes that ensure our students’ success far beyond our classrooms.

WRITING  FOR REAL – Instruction that Enlightens, Empowers and Transforms

WfrWriting is not just a school subject. Writing about our lives, and understanding the power of our words is what makes us human. We cannot afford to divorce the teaching of writing and reading divorced from real life. If our students are to know writing in this way, the experiences they have as writers in school must mirror both the intellectual and emotional work of real writers. We will cover lessons, resources, and new technologies that prepare our students for the lifework of writing and empower them with the confidence and excitement to share their voices with the world!


TwitterWith over 30 million members, Twitter represents a fascinating opportunity to virtually everyone. Confined within a 140-character limit for each post, it encourages members to find ways to present a clear and concise message to the public. This has a lot of appeal not only for younger users who can educate themselves direct from intellectuals, but by also offering companies a method to strengthen their Customer Relationship Management (provided they already have an online presence). Twitter is an invaluable tool in your personal learning network!

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