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The 5 C’s of Passion Driven Leadership

“Passion is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic and faithful, and you will accomplish your object. Nothing great was ever achieved without passion.” Ralph Waldo Emerson I had… Continue Reading

Listening with Passion, and Compassionate Listening

________________________________________________________________ When I tell my clients that the main purpose of social media is to listen, and even to care deeply about their friends and followers, I am sometimes met with blank stares. What does compassionate listening mean? Why take the time to do it? The discipline evolved from a citizen diplomacy project in the… Continue Reading

Holiday Wishes from Iowa Kids!

If you have not heard or seen any flashmob videos, you are missing out on some serious joy. Take a peek: The seriousness of the joy increases when the kids are from your home town! My friend and passionate leader, Amy Sandvold, recently took these inspired students for a visit to the local shopping mall!… Continue Reading

I’m Back!

I’m so happy to be back writing and talking with you on the blog. I’m still reading through and reflecting on all of November’s passion-driven guest posts. During my travels from Dubai to Hawaii and now Canada, my blog has been well taken care of. In case you missed November’s passion-driven guest posts, you can… Continue Reading

#PassionDriven Conversations: Guest Blogger – Patrick Larkin

After a month of reading passionate educators write about passion, I am uplifted by the fact that I have so many colleagues out there pushing for passion-based learning. We are truly the lucky ones! Not only have we found what we are passionate about, we also have a network to share our thoughts, resources, best practices, etc. with…. Continue Reading

#PassionDriven Conversations: Guest Blogger – John Morgan

Is there profit in your passion? I’m not talking about just money. I’m talking about rewards far greater than just money. Although, money is freaking awesome and you should profit from your passion by making tons of it :-)… Continue Reading

#PassionDriven Conversations: Guest Blogger – Jason Flom

Join us today for a Passion-Driven post by guest blogger Jason Flom. Enjoy! Smokey the Bear Says, “Fires Allowed Here”! Want to give your students transformative learning experiences? You’ll need these: Engagement Content Relevance Students must be engaged and involved to the point of being vested in the outcomes of the experience. They must encounter… Continue Reading

#PassionDriven Conversations: Guest Blogger – Lisa Nielsen

Join us today for a Passion-Driven post by guest blogger Lisa Nielsen. Enjoy! Differentiating Instruction is NOT Hard if We Tap into Student’s Passions! Cross posted on The Innovative Educator blog I hear the term differentiating instruction thrown around all the time, but when I go into schools, I often find there’s not necessarily a… Continue Reading

#PassionDriven Conversations: Guest Blogger – Steven W. Anderson

  Join us today for a Passion-Driven post by guest blogger Steven W. Anderson. Enjoy! Passion For Real Education Reform Depending on who you listen to, this is a really great time to be an educator or a really bad time to be one. On one side you have those that would have you believe… Continue Reading

#PassionDriven Conversations: Guest Blogger – Phil Gerbyshak

Join us today for a Passion-Driven post by guest blogger Phil Gerbyshak, speaker, author, and coach. Enjoy! Everybody Loves You Now Actually, not so much. The more popular you and your business gets, the more you will split people into two camps: Those who love you. Those who loathe you. In my opinion, it’s good… Continue Reading

#PassionDriven Conversations: Guest Blogger – Ian Coon

Today’s Passion-Driven post is written by Ian Coon, a student who loves learning and technology. Enjoy! Passion is contagious! Compare passion to a virus. When you are by people that have passion for something, their passion is spread to you. Thinking on, There are also thousands of different viruses to catch just like everyone has passion… Continue Reading

#PassionDriven Conversations: Guest Blogger – Lee Kolbert

Join us today for a Passion-Driven post by guest blogger Lee Kolbert, an educator in Palm Beach County, FL. Enjoy! What Makes a Passionate Educator? Often when I’m frustrated with education, either globally or within my own classroom, others remind me of the reason for my frustration. “It’s because I’m a passionate educator,” they say. Comments… Continue Reading

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