“One hundred and fifty members of the Clinton Community School District spent an exhilarating week during June 2007 under the tutelage of Angela Maiers. Her message, filled with passion and enthusiasm, details a “Greatness Framework” which emphasizes the use of literacy for creative thinking, critical thinking, and problem-solving.  Angela outlined for our teachers the explicit cognitive skills students need in becoming independent critical consumers of the 21st century. We look forward in our continued relationship with Angela Maiers in raising the achievement bar of our students from proficient learners to GREAT learners.”

~ Deborah Olson: Director of Curriculum, Clinton, IA

Angela Maiers is an amazing teacher! She understands how to shread out the essence of what we need to talk to kids about everyday. Her ability to quickly build relationships demonstrates how important it is for teachers to do this with our students. Many of my teachers have shared with me that learning with Angela and her team this summer has been a ‘life changing experience‘.”

~ Makano Kawasaki: Principal, Honolulu, Hawaii

I am Director of the Viterbo University Graduate Program in Iowa.  We have employed Angela for approximately 10 years to teach primarily reading classes; however she has taught some parent-school partnership classes. Prior to my University work, I was an administrator in the Des Moines Public Schools when Angela was teaching at Moulton Elementary School. Based on the above experiences and observations, Angela is a special “one of a kind” professional. She has established herself as an outstanding reading teacher and consultant for numerous states, school districts and Area Educational Agencies. Angela not only possesses knowledge but has the style and strategies to connect with professionals while she serves in the various teaching and consulting roles. I would rank her in the top one percent of all of the teachers that I have observed!!! It is an honor for our University and as a colleague to have the privilege of being associated with such a talented individual. If any additional information is needed, please contact me at efbridgewater@viterbo.edu or at 1-888-235-2200.

~ Earl Bridgewater, Iowa Viterbo University Director

“I have had the pleasure of working with Angela in several different  school districts. Every time, she amazes teachers and communicates  with clarity complicated concepts such as teaching cognition. Teachers  connect with Angela. Administrators respect her expertise. She is in one word, “amazing” and I recommend her to any district seeking  quality, expert, professional development that will actually make a  difference for student learning.”

~ Amy Sandvold: Literacy Coach and 3rd Grade Teacher – Cedar Falls, Iowa

“My work with Angela has advanced my career and professional developmentopportunities in ways I could have never imagined.  As a literacystrategist, I have been lucky enough to collaborate with Angela indistrict staff development and summer institutes.  I can say withconfidence that Angela continues to synthesize the latest literacyresearch and creates an environment that supports learning throughreflection and application. Angela often talks about “growing” students;taking students from where they are and nurturing them so they can reachtheir highest potential. My experience with Angela proves that shecommits to this premise every day. Regardless of the age and experienceof her learners, Angela is determined to strengthen each individual’sunderstanding of literacy and equip particpants with tools that will benefit students.”

~ Molly Boyle, Literacy Resource Strategist, Waukee, Iowa

Angela’s  Summer Literacy Institute, Weaving the Threads of Literacy:  Creating the Readers of Tomorrow,  was engaging, relevant, and fun!  From Day 1 to Day 5, I was educated, entertained, and engrossed in learning new reading and writing strategies that carry across the curriculum. Angela, Becky, and Mona know their stuff and how to present it so that I did not check my watch once to see when the workshop day would end! This was truly the best professional development workshop that I have ever attended—and I have attended many! I am using the strategies I learned in my classroom daily and the results are: I am a better teacher and my students are better learners!”

~ Terry Wilson, 6th grade teacher, Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Angela’s professional development work in our district fundamentally changed reading instruction for the better. Student achievement in reading has shown consistent increases over time due to her work with teachers.”

~ John Van Pelt, Ed.D.  Associate Superintendent , Waterloo, Iowa

“I have had the opportunity to work with Angela in numerous settings with teachers of all grade levels, content areas, and stages of their careers.  Her ability to make learning applicable to everyone in the room is amazing!  Her positive rapport with teachers, administrators, and students makes her an effective staff developer. Her immense

knowledge about education has built her reputation as an authority on student learning.  Angela is a hard-working, caring consultant!

~ Denise Wood, Staff Developer, Urbandale, Iowa

Angela Maiers is my hero.  She stood before 120 educators at a regional learning conference and made them realize they have the ability to change the world. In addition to bringing a persuasive message detailing the power of hope and passion in the classroom, through practical ideas such as the “Genius Hour” and “2-5-2″, she equips teachers with effective tools to unleash unlimited student potential.

In a world dominated with the quest for more, Angela demonstrates how “to be” is more important than “to do.”  She provides wisdom on how to bring out the best in others and to assist them in escaping the “crab bucket.”  Making meaningful connections and establishing effective relationships are a few keys she demonstrates that facilitate personal improvement.  She altered my own thinking in realizing that “my worst day is still better than the world’s best day.”  

Actions speak louder than words and Angela is an authentic role model. She not only espouses the infinite potential of children, adolescents, and young adults, she lives it.  During her time with us we learned about incredible activities she is doing with even the youngest students that prove how we unintentionally hinder student achievement.  “You Matter” and “Passion Driven” are not slogans to Angela, they are potent concepts that can dramatically increase relevant learning.

Few people have the ability to touch hearts and minds at the same time.  Angela Maiers is one of these rare individuals.

~ Mark Schneider: Shared superintendent Serving Mid-Prairie and Keota CSDs

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