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Testimonials for Angela Maiers

Testimonial by Lisa Allen

Angela’s energy, her intensity, just pulled me right in. The whole idea of being more - and looking to people to be more, was amazing. After listening to her, I am completely energized.

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Testimonial by Geraldine Cvetic

I just listened to Angela Maiers’ keynote and I cannot say enough. Angela is for real. She’s authentic. Her session was honestly life changing for me and so much help.

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Testimonial by Lemonte Gregory

Angela was very engaging in the way she really drove home the point that Customer Experience is all about people.

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When I began to assemble the program for my first Community Manager Conference, I was eager to bring in a closing keynote speaker who would attract registrants, create a buzz and send the attendees home on a high note.

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here is a reason that Angela Maiers is recognized as one of today's most influential education thought leaders: her work resonates with teachers, school leaders, students and parents alike.

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