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Celebrating the New Literacy of Emotion

August 1st, 2018: Think for a minute about life B.E. (Before Emoji’s) Have you ever written an email or text that was perceived the wrong way due to lack of human emotion?

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There Is No Lesson Plan For Tragedy – Teachers YOU Know What To Do

February 20th, 2018: As the world watches in horror and tries to process the latest events in Parkland, Florida, every parent in the country waits for their child to come home just so they can hug them a little bit tighter or tell them a little bit louder how much they matter

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The Power of Noticing

February 2nd, 2018: This weekend I re-watched one of my favorite movies, Shall We Dance. And as cute as Richard Gere was in the movie (and boy was he!), my attention centered on a moment in where his onscreen wife, Susan Sarandon whispered these words in his ear:

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The GENIUS of Genius Hour

December 20th, 2017: I have always believed that we are in the presence of genius everyday. Whether you are a teacher in a classroom of 30 passionate learners or you are sitting in a boardroom of top executives.

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Employee Worthiness in Healthcare Improves Practices and Benefits Patients

August 15th, 2017: Today, with qualified healthcare workers hard to find, innovative minds are wondering how to attract and retain the best employees.

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9 Essential Lessons for Students Changing the World - Now

August 10th, 2017: For the past five years, those of us at Choose2Matter have had the pleasure and privilege of helping young change-makers realize their potential, and yearning desire, to impact the world.

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Everyone Matters: 5 School Principals Who Walk the Walk

July 10th, 2017: Everyone needs to know they matter. Human beings need to know they are significant in the lives of others. They also need to be noticed, valued, and honored.

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Students Are Falling Through the Passion Gap in Schools

July 3rd, 2017: When we were invited to sum up at the end, I realized that one guest had not been invited to the table: Passion. I was the first to interject this word, saying that “passion should not be the number one thing on the agenda, it IS the agenda.”

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The Courage to Teach

July 2nd, 2017: The root of the word -courage- is the Latin word -cor,- meaning -heart.- The English word -core- comes from the same Latin root. So at its core, effective teaching is about developing courage.

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You Have to Show Kids That They Matter

July 1st, 2017: Anybody who teaches pledges to change lives … give me a year of your life and I promise you that you will walk out of here better, stronger, smarter, more confident, more beautiful.

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