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Change the World One Kind Word At a Time! — Shannon Denton Guest Post

June 26th, 2017: Our job is to either continue to nurture the seeds/people around us or to try to fix the damage that was done. We need to reflect on our actions and how we can make change.

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Bullying is not just a Youth Problem; It's a Human One

June 26th, 2017: There’s a powerful new post on Seth Godin’s blog with an interesting take on bullying. It is not just a youth issue – it is a human one.

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Where Mattering is on the Schedule!

June 26th, 2017: At East Greenwich High School in Rhode Island, Vice Principal Tim Chace created a “You Matter” Form for his school where both teachers and students could fill out the form, letting a co-worker or teacher know that something they did made a difference

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Using Art to Teach the Classroom Habitudes

June 26th, 2017: The inspiration for the mural came from Angela Maiers’ book, Classroom Habitudes. We brainstormed ideas to use “We Matter” in our room and with our students.

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Brighter Days Ahead For All of Us

June 26th, 2017: Brighter Days will strive to save the lives being lost by showing people their purpose in life, and that they do matter.

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Guest Post: Dream Big – The Passion of Learning

June 26th, 2017: I know that to dream big is to follow in the direction I am being led. I have never looked back and now truly understand what passion and fire feels like as it burns inside of me.

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Habitude: Imagination

June 26th, 2017: Our capacity to dream, hope, and plan for the future is influenced and impacted by the control and understanding of imagination’s remarkable power

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Resources for #GeniusHour

June 23rd, 2017: When we create a time and space for our students to strive audaciously and connect and collaborate with others, their genius is liberated, and learning, lives and worlds change.

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Every Student is a Masterpiece

June 23rd, 2017: Each one of our kids by the end of the day had a t-shirt with their genius on the back. Each student hopefully left the day knowing they matter and they can make a difference.

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You Are a Genius

June 23rd, 2017: If you can imagine yourself back in that time and place when you felt most READY TO DO ANYTHING, how did it feel? The feeling of self-assuredness, confidence, and all around AWESOMENESS was you being fully present in your GENIUS.

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