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Six Years Later, It’s Clearer Than Ever: We Need to Know We Matter

June 23rd, 2017: Six years later, it is more clear than ever to me: we don’t have an engagement problem, a bullying problem, a substance abuse problem, or a suicide issue. We have a mattering problem.

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Mattering is the Only Agenda

June 23rd, 2017: Mattering is the agenda. Invest a little time showing your students that they matter and I guarantee what you have to say will begin to matter to them.

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#YouMatter – A Sign Worth Spreading

June 23rd, 2017: My students understand now that if everyone knew how to sign YOU MATTER, we could reach everyone. Cultures could join together in expressing the two words that we have come to know, thanks to Angela Maiers, as the two most powerful words in the world.

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Realizing YOU MATTER!

June 23rd, 2017: The “YOU MATTER” manifesto, along with my teacher, saved my life. It means more to me than words can say.

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What Does It Mean to Be a Leader? Five-year Old Geniuses Respond

June 23rd, 2017: Inspired by her lesson, and hoping to help my students reflect on what it means to be a leader, we created a circle map, after partner brain-storming on qualities that we find in leaders.

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Jumping into Genius Hour — Guest Post by Tony Klein

June 23rd, 2017: Genius Hour is, simply, the opportunity for students to spend twenty percent of their time on a topic that interests, excites, and challenges them.

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It's only when I'm truly scared that I know I am being audacious enough

June 23rd, 2017: I was recently interviewed by Anita Stout, author of Life Isn’t Broken, a blog that celebrates “all that’s good in life.”

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What Will Your Verse Be? – Guest Post by Monica Evon

June 23rd, 2017: How can we make a difference? There are myriad ways students can make their passion for change a reality. I hope our work will inspire change in your classroom, and will inspire you to share your students’ “verses” with the world.

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Getting to the Heart of Collaboration

June 23rd, 2017: ollaboration requires unrelenting determination and commitment from those who now understand that the desired result can only be achieved together.

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Hutto Geniuses Choose to Matter

June 23rd, 2017: Students in Hutto, Texas of varying ages interacted, shared their stories, and collaborated to design solutions to things that break their hearts about the world.

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