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Inner Fireworks

June 14th, 2017: Everyone has inner fireworks. Our fireworks are what make us who we are, and can never be extinguished unless we allow them to be.

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Two Letters That All Students Should Receive This Summer

June 10th, 2017: Today, I feature two “Dear Student” letters that I wish all students, of all ages, everywhere would receive from their teachers.

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They Are Listening, and They Do Believe You

June 10th, 2017: When you tell people they matter, often you don’t know right away – or ever – if they believe you, or are listening at all. Sometimes, you start to feel that maybe you don’t matter. But know this: They DO Believe. They ARE Listening. You DO Matter

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Genius Hour: An Apprenticeship to Citizenship

June 10th, 2017: Why is school not an apprenticeship to citizenship? YOU ARE A GENIUS and the world needs your contribution. There is someone in need of exactly what you have and only you can reveal.

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Forget Following Your Heart – Follow Your HeartBreak

June 10th, 2017: Finding your passion; surrendering to your heartbreak is really about finding what really moves you.

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Heartbreak Mapping in Action

June 10th, 2017: For one week of Genius Hour, I was going to do a heart-mapping activity. We can work on that together if they want our help. If not, it’s something they can work towards during Genius Hour. Or, it might be something they have no control over right now.

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Research Shows The Life-Changing Power of You Matter

May 31st, 2017: Mattering was first recognized as a research concept in social sciences in the 1980s. However, Dr. Andrea Dixon writes - only since 2001 has mattering to others reemerged as an important psychosocial construct.-

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12 Most Important Ways to Let People Know They Matter

May 31st, 2017: Mattering a universal human need. Here are The 12 Important things to do now to ensure a “yes” every time you encounter or interact with someone significant or yet-to-be significant in your life.

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12 Things Kids Want from Their Teachers

May 31st, 2017: At the beginning of every school year, I would ask my students to give me advice on how to be their best teacher. Here is a list of the 12 Most Important things that came out of these amazing conversations:

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You Matter Manifesto

May 31st, 2017: The YOU MATTER Manifesto is a call to action. It challenges you to acknowledge and use the gifts that you have been blessed with.

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