by: Angela Maiers

Dreaming Big in Des Moines

We need to dream big dreams not because we need to accomplish big things. What we accomplish is a byproduct. We need to dream big dreams  because it keeps us on our knees in raw dependence.  Dreams have far more to do with who we become in the process than the what we accomplish. They stretch us. And that's why they are so good for us. You want to take your life to the next level? Dream! 

–Mark Batterson, 2010-

When's the last time you took some time to think about your BIG dreams?  It could be tomorrow when your life suddenly changes; when that something you have always dreamed of really happens. Will you be ready?

Fulfilling your life long dreams begins with sharing it.  Now you have a chance to share those big dreams with the world! Friend and fellow blogger, Mitch Matthews and team are inviting you and "your dream team" to Des Moines Annual Big Dream Gathering.

This is more than an inspirational event, it is a forum to spur dreamers into action by connecting them with resources, support, and individuals that an ensure your moving towards your life's goals and ambitions.

During the event, those attending will be given a sheet of paper to write down their dream. A person can post as many dreams as they wish. Dream sheets are assigned a number, and names are not written on the sheets. The anonymity allows people to freely express their life goals and ambitions. Once dreams have been posted to the wall, others are allowed to write notes of encouragement on them or even make connections to bring a dream to fruition.

Check out the details of the event and follow the stories here at Your dreams await!

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