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By Angela Maiers

Genius Is Not an Anomaly; It’s Our Birthright

We are wired to be risk-adverse. We have very few courageous leaders today because it’s uncomfortable to be courageous. But today, playing it safe is the riskiest thing we can do.

Courage is a muscle; you use it or you lose it. Without courage, without truly believing in yourself, you stop asking questions and you stop dreaming big. In essence, you stop existing.

Yet in most schools, we put students in an environment where we (as teachers and as parents) ask them to follow every direction and jump through every hoop. It’s not about what’s best; it’s about what’s convenient. This pervasive mindset is built around “average,” because we believe genius is the anomaly.

This mindset has to go – right now. Because genius is not an anomaly. It is our birthright.

Remember how we all wanted to be astronauts or race car drivers or even the President when we were in kindergarten? Remember that fearlessness? It wasn’t merely naive childlike wonder. It’s what humans do. We were born to believe in our potential, and to fearlessly pursue it.

In my latest interview, “How to Realize You Matter and Freeing the Genius Inside, With Angela Maiers,” I talk about Liberating Genius and how we can all change the world, if we only have the moxie to try.

Please check out this inspirational and important interview, and let’s liberate the genius of all.

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