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by: Angela Maiers

Social is the New Search

I can’t be the only person on Earth who, when in need of information, heads straight to the Web. Whether you are a Google fan or use Bing and Yahoo, you need to know  the game of “search” has changed, and the results you are seeking are now filtered, influenced and impacted by “social data.”

To find out how and more importantly what to do, join Eschool News for an exciting discussion on the evolution of this social revolution this Wednesday night at 7:00PM CST.

The 12Most Co-Founder and #LeadershipHabitudes partner Daniel Newman and I will be answering your questions live during this one hour Twitter chat.

We have already received several wonderful questions that we are excited to get your perspective and input on:

  1. What is Social Search?
  2. Why would search engines expend energy integrating social data into search?
  3.  What does it mean for search? to people who search?
  4. What best practices for Search impact Social activity/behavior?
  5. What are strategies, tactics, and actions needed to manage this shift?

What are you still wondering? It is not too late to submit your comments or ideas. Just leave a comment or tweet us at:

Please stop by and do not miss this great opportunity to learn from one another. Remember, the shift is happening, will you choose to be waiting or choose to be ready?