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by: Angela Maiers

Tucson Has the Classroom Habitudes – Tech Camp Presentation and Resources

I was so honoured to be able to kickoff TechCamp Plug and Play 2011 this week with Tony Vincent in beautiful Tucson, Arizona!

TechCamp is a forum that allows educators to collaborate and learn about new digital tools and strategies in the 21st century. I was lucky to have to opportunity to share my ideas about the Habitudes, Digital Literacy , and Global Citizenship.

I met wonderful educators and leaders, and came home with new enthusiasm and learning that I would  like to share with you!

For your enjoyment and use, here is the keynote I used to discuss the Habitudes:

For more information, feel free to visit the Habitudes wiki: 21st Century Habitudes

Also for your enjoyment, here is my slideshow about Digital Literacy:

We also had a few minutes to discuss the importance of Digital Identity and Personal Branding, touching on the key aspects in this slideshow: