by: Angela Maiers

What's This Kid Doing on YouTube?

It's amazing what kids will do sometimes.

Maybe it's passion. Or perhaps no fear of failure. If given the tools, the access, the powers… kids might find themselves on YouTube — learning.

Watch the video (3:46). What's missing? What's present?

Great questioning. Fantastic modeling. Keen sense of awareness. Perseverance. Curiosity. Courage. WOW! Not just watching YouTube — Learning ON YouTube

But wait! Isn't it dangerous letting a child on YouTube? I don't see his face, his name, his address … clearly there was a plan for this communication (Writing with the Watcher in Mind?)

This video was posted in February of 2009. Our friend has 26 comments at this writing (and one of them within the last week). I think it was previously uploaded, because I remember a lot more comments when I showed this in the summer.

My favorite learner of 2009!

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