The Classroom Habitudes in Gym Class!

I am blessed to receive many emails from my readers around the world. One of the more interesting notes recently came from Andy Vasily, who teaches Physical Education at the Nanjing International School in China and blogs at PYPPEWithAndy (PYP = Primary Years Program).

Andy wanted to create a PE-focused model of the 7 Habitudes. I asked Andy to send me a guest blog; this is his response:

“A lot of my research and work of late has been focused on finding a better way to teach PE. I have been downloading a number of Kindle books in order to find research that is relevant to a new model of instruction I am trying to create and test out. This often requires me to go outside the realm of PE in order to find excellent ideas or models that I can then transfer over to the arena of physical education.

As I read Angela’s book the ‘Classroom Habitudes’, I realized that much of what she writes about is immediately applicable in PE. Revolutionizing education, especially as we move forward in the 21st century, can only be made possible if we put greater emphasis on the development of the whole child. Subject area boundary lines should be blurred and enduring concepts such as Angela’s 7 Habitudes should be embedded within all of the learning experiences that we have our students engage in.

As a PE practitioner with over 15 years of experience, I believe it to be critical to initiate change now. Giving our students a clear, concise, and consistent way of describing and defining success is paramount within any PE program and this often means that we must teach outside the box of a sport. We must foster and build upon our students’ abilities to think critically, to find problems/obstacles, and to overcome these challenges. Arming students with the skills necessary to conquer adversity is what being successful in sport is all about.

More importantly, teaching the skills necessary to overcome adversity not only helps our students in PE and in sport, but better prepares them for life, both in and out of school. If this isn’t our ultimate aim as educators, I am not sure what is!

The teaching of the 7 Habitudes is such a natural fit, not only with PE, but within any subject that we teach. I am excited to take forward what I have learned in Angela’s book and will share this journey on my own website that I regularly blog on here.

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