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By Angela Maiers

Hutto Geniuses Choose to Matter

Hutto Geniuses Choose to Matter

What happens when students are encouraged to become leaders and change the world with their genius?

They do it.

On January 21st, I asked 6,000 students in Hutto, Texas to realize that they are geniuses whose contributions to the world are desperately needed. With this spark igniting their hearts and minds, the students of Hutto embarked on a two-day adventure in discovering genius and acting on passion.

They formed groups around the big problems in education, human and animal rights, child hunger, environmental issues, and STEM. Students of varying ages interacted, shared their stories, and collaborated to design solutions to things that break their hearts about the world. Not only that, but when the challenge of working through this process with 6,000 students became overwhelming, guess who stepped up and saved the day?

The creativity, drive, and courage of these students did not go unnoticed! Teachers, families, and the community at large were awed by what transpired and came together to support the students’ inspiring ideas and efforts. Truly amazing things happen when students have the freedom and support to follow their passions and live their genius.