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By Angela Maiers

Inner Fireworks

Inner Fireworks

We are so happy to introduce a post from guest blogger Alexis, of The Fearless Classroom, Press Elementary, McKinney, TX


Boom! Crash! Spark! Fireworks decorate the sky with their illuminated showers of color. The smell of smoke swirls through the air. My ears are the ballroom as the sounds dance in peaceful yet vigorous harmony. “My favorite time of year is finally here!,” I howled. The Fourth of July is the best part of summer.

As I watch the fireworks exploding in their colorful glory, I imagine that I am up there shining my own colors above the earth below me. My reds are my expression of admiration for the beauty of the world I live in. My happiness explodes in bursts of yellows and golds. Violets and lavenders twinkle for my passion, and emerald greens glow brightly as my faith. I dance among these colors celebrating the miracle of me.

Silvery sparkles shoot across the darkness as I think to myself, “Wow! I am filled with sparks of light that could change the world!” My fiery friends join me, and we dance, and twirl, and shimmer in the night sky. As we light, I can see our reflection in a quiet and still pond, and notice a blushing girl’s astonished expression as she watches us sparkle like chandeliers dangling from the stars. I realized then, that that little girl was me.

Everyone has inner fireworks. The beauty is that they are always there lighting from inside and can brighten any dark sky we face. Our fireworks are what make us who we are, and can never be extinguished unless we allow them to be. It’s always Fourth of July in our hearts.