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By Angela Maiers

Jobs of the Future – Will Our Students Be Prepared?

Can you envision today’s high school or college students carrying out jobs like these:

  • Bio-botic Physcian
  • Chef-farmer (agri-restaurateur)
  • Clone rancher
  • Digital archaeologist
  • Drone dispatcher
  • Exozoologist
  • Energy Harvester
  • Global system architect
  • Holodeck trainer
  • Mobile BioMass Therapist
  • Personal brand manager
  • Smart car interior advertisement sales representative
  • Space junk hauler
  • Transhumanist consultant
  • Robotician

The World Future Society; an organization served with the charge of  making those predictions can. In their recently released special report (PDF) these were among some of  the 70 specific jobs predicted for 2030.

Whether or not Digital archaeologist or Transhumanist consultant will make the list of the hottest new careers in 2030 no one can say, but it begs the question for all to consider:

Ten years from now, 20 years from now, what relevant work skills will be shaped by the continued rise in global connectivity, smart technology and new media, and who knows what other social/cultural drivers?

The Institute for the Future a non-profit research group has taken a close look at these big disruptive shifts and shares in this A 19-page report (PDF) the key work skills that will be needed to fulfil these new roles.

Below is a summary image:

We are facing times of unprecedented challenge. Combining our current research-based forecasts of skills and competencies, real-world examples, and staying abreast of these shaping forces will help us to support students in identifying and acquiring the abilities they need to thrive in this very very different and amazing world.

What Habitudes do you believe they will need most?