Resources for Mattering IS the Agenda

My most often-requested keynote is "Mattering IS the Agenda."

You can't #Choose2Matter only for a day, or a month. You can't discuss it at a single meeting, or make it an item on the agenda, and expect it to change lives and your school or company culture.

No, mattering must be THE agenda - each and every day.

Below you will find the resources that will help you make it so!


My standard presentation on “Mattering IS the Agenda.


We recently published an online course for educators on all the tenets of #Choose2Matter. It comes with a classroom implementation guide and student materials, and it will change learning and lives. Click here to learn more about it or watch our launch video! Until August 31, 2017, use code AngelaFriend17 to save 20%.


The "pre-cursor" to Choose2Matter is Genius Matters, a free e-book with four weeks of student lessons to help them understand their genius and passion. Download it for free here!




Let everyone in your life know they matter to you by sending Mattergrams every day! Educators, sign-up here and send 30 Mattergrams at no charge - a wonderful way to welcome new students.

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