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By Angela Maiers

No Genius Left Behind

No Genius Left Behind

I believe we all have a duty to share our genius and make a difference in the world; and it’s in tapping into our truth that you will ultimately unleash the genius from those we lead, love, and serve.

What can happen when students are recognized by their teachers, peers, parents, and community members and understand that it is their duty to share their Genius with the world?

Rising self confidence, more participation in classroom activities, a better sense of self…just to name a few of the amazing benefits of finding your genius.

To ensure that this is the case, we must do all we can to have NO GENIUS LEFT BEHIND.

Our system and students lives depend our our willingness and ability to:

  1. Notice and honor their genius
  2. Value and respect their contribution
  3. Tell them they matter; assure them they are essential to us and the world

When we do all three, we are showing them that we believe in their genius. What follows will take your breath away.

I urge you to imagine a classroom where passion driven work is the norm; one in which students are invited and expected to experiment with ideas, discover possibilities, and make epic things happen.

This dream can be a reality. When we create a time and space for our students to strive audaciously and connect and collaborate with others, their genius is liberated, and learning, lives and worlds change.

I believe in all of you and I know you can help revitalize your classrooms and students. I predict that whatever skill, strategy, or standard that we will work on together is no match for the geniuses that lie in wait for your recognition, acknowledgement, and value. The world is ready to receive their talent with arms open wide. Let’s do the same.