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By Angela Maiers

Realizing YOU MATTER!

Kendall Haines

We are so thrilled that student blogger Kendall Haines took the time to share the story of what the YOU MATTER Manifesto means to her. Please read on to discover how your life changes when you realize that YOU MATTER!


What does the phrase “YOU MATTER!” mean to you?

I’ll give you time to think while I tell you what it means to me.

When someone told me that I mattered, I rolled my eyes and blew it off. I didn’t think much of myself. I cared more about other people than myself.

My teacher caught me rolling my eyes and asked me to come see her after school. I went after school, and she spoke to me…for an hour. I then continued to talk to her…about everything.

Talking to her made me realize I mattered. Talking to someone you trust is always a resource for starting to see yourself in a better light.

I now realize that I matter, and that I should believe in myself and think positive. The “YOU MATTER” manifesto, along with my teacher, saved my life. It means more to me than words can say.

What does the phrase “YOU MATTER” mean to you? What do you stand for?

I believe you matter because you have a great amount of potential. You’re smart and have a lot in store in the future for you. YOU MATTER!!

Now what do you think?