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Realizing Your Vision for Your Life

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We are so thrilled to hear from student blogger Kendall Haines again on the impact of YOU MATTER. You can read her first piece here. You are amazing Kendall and thank you for sharing your beautiful words with us!

Motivational Educator, speaker, and founder of Choose2Matter Angela Maiers declares “we were created for a significance and one of the most dangerous things that can happen to us as individuals, as organizations, and as communities–is to get the feeling that we don’t matter.”

Having the feeling that we matter is astonishing. Having that feeling allows us to persevere through almost any obstacle—through the obstacles we face individually, and as a community, we can make opportunities for ourselves. We push through to change what we don’t like for the bette and to have our own individual vision recognized by America.

Many people have ideas that can positively impact America; however, some people are afraid to stand out due to fear of judgment by society. People and fear do discourage kids, as well as adults from achieving the goals they set up to change the world.

Discouragement is “a feeling of despair in the face of obstacles; or a state of distraught and loss of courage” the dictionary defines. As individuals, in a community, we should work together to encourage each other, not discourage one another from achieving important changes. If it were me, I’d pursue what I want to do.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world,” German-born diarist and writer, Anne Frank exclaimed. Throughout my life, I realize that I have a lot to offer to America. Everyone has so much to offer actually and waiting to express it is foolishness. Nobody should wait; we should start young and lead by example.

Therefore, I believe the vision I have for America is astoundingly beautiful. America should be more organized than what it is, a lot more healthy, and more accepting of everyone; in my vision, I see everyone loving one another without judgement. Working together to get people where they need to be and making each other feel like we all matter, is also a part of my vision.

Overall, society and America should work as one to achieve the goals we have set, and make each other feel we have something to offer. For example, New year’s resolutions. Only eight percent of Americans legitimately fulfill their new year’s resolutions because they “keep it simple.” Or make resolutions small enough to work around their everyday lives.

As for making everyone feel like they have something to offer, many teens have taken their lives because they didn’t feel wanted. They didn’t feel they mattered. I strongly believe all those teens had great ideas and had so much to offer, but they were just in a dark part of life and didn’t see a way out because nobody showed them the light they could bring to the darkness.

Together, as a nation we can achieve so much and all we have to really do is encourage one another, and make each other feel important; and at the end of the day, we can achieve anything and everything as one Nation. You never know what you can accomplish, until you wake up with a positive outlook on life. My vision for America is for everyone to Matter.

So, keep trying, and don’t give up, because YOU MATTER!