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by: Angela Maiers

Tools I'm Lovin': VineMe

Vineme is a new social platform that allows the world to crowdsource content by time, tags, places, and people. Every search on vineme shows content on a timeline giving you a new perspective of our world while discovering content in a whole new way.

The mission of the company is right on target with how I wish to present the web and the world to students:

We aim to present a visually interesting experience and empower people to crowdsource content. Through this experience we hope vineme users can discover new connections between tags, time, places and people all over the world.

I had a chance to sit down and visit today with vineme co-founder, Tony Muse, as he walked me through the set up and features of the platform. With my “teacher hat” on; my brain was going crazy with all the ways Vineme could be used in the classroom.

Take a look, and let me know what you think:

VineMe – Part One:

VineMe – Part Two: