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by: Angela Maiers

Wisdom of the Crowd: Reflections from ISTE 2010

James Surowiecki, a writer at the famous New Yorker magazine, was the first to highlight how people power can work together on the internet

In his best selling book, WIsdom Of the Crowds, he showed how groups of diverse people acting independently are smarter than any one person in the group.

The following represents inspired thoughts from the 18,000+ amazing educators, students, and administrators that took time from their busy summer schedules to take part in ISTE 2010.  

Whether you were joining the conversation from home or you were there in person, we are all able to benefit and grow from the "wisdom" of this fine crowd

If you want to see the wisdom live, check out this ISTE Recap video made available by the team at ISTE connects. Just watching it, makes me excited for next year! See you in Phillie!