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Innovation Keynote Speaker

Thought leader, visionary, entrepreneur, changemaker. These are just a few words that can describe the deeply influential Angela Maiers, whose message of mattering has reached thousands of people and changed even more. Lauded by industry leaders, school administrators, and even decorated officials in the military sector, this lifelong educator has taken her genius philosophy outside of the classroom in order to influence audiences across the country to recognize their worth and identify what they can contribute to society in order to create positive change in themselves and the world around them. Angela talks as a motivational, leadership and teamwork keynote speaker.

Leading and Inspiring Change

Angela Maiers was named by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top 5 Edupreneur Voices in 2017 after founding the global nonprofit organization Choose2Matter, a movement which aims to inspire individuals to believe that they matter and that by embodying the concept of “mattering,” everyone can become a force to be reckoned with and a catalyst for real social change. She proved this with her work with over a million children in 78,000 classrooms in over 100 countries, whom she helped pass a grand total of 17 laws and 170 social enterprises that benefit students and learners all over the world.

She has also been named one of the Top 20 Global Influencers by IBM and ranked within the Top 100 Women in Technology by Onalytics, as well as one of the Top 20 Education Thought Leaders by TrustEd. She has authored books on a variety of topics such as Genius Matters and Classroom Habitudes, and she continues to be an outspoken presence on the web as a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.

Angela’s uplifting message is tempered by real-world experience and insight. The power of her message of transformation is nowhere better demonstrated than in her TEDxDesMoines talk entitled “You Matter.” The keynote speech, delivered to an audience of her peers in Iowa, went viral in 2011 and has accumulated over 200,000 views on YouTube since going live. Her signature keynotes ignite the genius inside every person, and organizations across a myriad of industries have sought out her work after she was able to successfully address an employee engagement problem that was costing the client company up to 15 trillion dollars. Suffice to say, working with Angela Maiers produces results that are measurable and visible in the real world.

Signature Speeches by Angela Maiers

As a dynamic and engaging speaker, Angela Maiers is able to tailor her keynotes according to the audience and demographic she wishes to convey her ideas to, adjusting to the unique needs of every room. An agile speaker, her ability to invigorate employees and energize new ideas is best conveyed with the following signature speeches:

  • “Liberating Genius: A Leader’s Guide to Genius Hour”
  • “Mattering is the Agenda”
  • “How Big is Your Brave?”
  • “You Are a Brand; Would You Pick Yourself?”
  • “Closing the Passion Gap”
  • “Getting Social Media RIGHT”
  • “Literacy Re-Imagined”
  • “Creating MAGIC for Your Community and Your Customers”

Angela’s past and current client list is a collection of some of the best industry movers in technology, such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, and LinkedIn. She has also spoken for NASA and the Girl Scouts of the USA, as well as the Mayo Clinic Health System and Johns Hopkins Medicine. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education with a minor in Neuroscience from the University of Iowa and holds double master’s degrees in Literacy and Ed Leadership from Drake University in Des Moines. She currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

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