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Angela Maiers speaking on Leadership

Leadership Keynote Speaker Angela Maiers

Back in 2011, Angela Maiers’ TEDxDesMoines talk, “You Matter,” officially reached viral status. More than 200,000 people have viewed the simple, matter-of-fact, and yet transformative 19-minute talk on YouTube, and if you did so, your takeaways would be similarly rich: “We were created for significance,” “You are a Genius and the world needs your contribution,” and “The significance of our life is dependent on how other people see us. We have a chance to tell people: ‘I am so glad you got up this morning, I notice you.’ It changes everything.”

How can such insights about mattering, noticing what others can do, and taking opportunities translate into better leadership? Internationally praised speaker, author, entrepreneur, and educator Angela Maiers will be able to connect the dots. When Angela Maiers delivers her message, audience members will come face-to-face with the leadership potential that they have fostered all along.

What Kind of Leader is Angela Maiers?

Angela Maiers wears different hats as a leader, visionary, entrepreneur, disruptor and change maker. The first title is of particular importance, as it is the point of reference from which Angela speaks. Her credentials include 31 years of servant leadership to the education and enterprise sectors after graduating with a BS in Education, minor in Neuroscience, and double master’s degrees in Literacy and Educational Leadership.

Angela has taught leadership with clients that include Google, NASA, the Girl Scouts, Society for Human Resource Management, Cisco, Facebook, LinkedIn, Walmart, Microsoft, IBM, the Mayo Clinic Health System, and Johns Hopkins Medicine. She is also a thought leader as the author of 8 books, including Liberating Genius, The Habitudes, and The Passion Driven Classroom; and a regular presence in news outlets and social media. She has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, NPR, and The Huffington Post, where she is an esteemed contributor.

Leadership that Matters: Keynotes for Select Occasions

The common tenor that characterizes Angela Maiers' leadership keynotes are that they are inspiring, uplifting, empowering, and actionable. A nimble and perceptive speaker, Angela Maiers knows to tailor-fit her delivery according to the demographic, audience size, and the industry she’ll be engaging. Keynote speaking that touch upon her brand of leadership includes:

  • “Liberating Genius: A Leader’s Guide to Genius Hour”
  • “Mattering is the Agenda”
  • “How Big is Your Brave?”
  • “You Are a Brand; Would You Pick Yourself?”
  • “Closing the Passion Gap”
  • “Getting Social media RIGHT”
  • “Literacy Re-Imagined”
  • “Creating MAGIC for Your Community and Your Customers”

Previous audience members who have heard Angela speak live note her straightforward, authentic, and inspiring tone. Such messages lead listeners to think about the simple things that they can do to adjust their leadership style, all leading to a transformative impact.

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